I've been going to estate sales since I was a tot.  I remember my pops would take us to estate sales at my grandparent's condo.  At that young age I couldn't connect the dots to realize that we were buying the goods of one of those nice old folks my grandparents used to parade us around to, I just thought that they had decided to sell everything they owned...and move...and leave their possessions to be sold by someone that looked like them only 20 or 30 years younger.

As I grew older I shopped at thrift shops both for economic reasons but as well as stylistic ones.  There wasn't much that was being produced that captured my attention and certainly not at the prices that were being charged in stores.  So thrift shops became the primary source of my clothing.  This was in the days before the internet, before eBay, before Etsy and you just had to rely on the answer to the question "Can I rock this?"  

I tended to favor clothes that Old Timers of yesteryear favored and over the ensuing decades began amassing a collection of clothes that I would hold onto during weight fluctuations because they were just too good to give up and began to collect clothing that wasn't even my size just because it was too good to pass up.  So this store is the culmination of a life spent perusing racks and racks of clothing curating a collection of clothing that would make an Old Timer proud.  

Now go ahead and take a look around and see if there's something in the closet that strikes your fancy.  Got questions?  Feel free to email us at howdy@oldtimerscloset.com and we'll get back to you just as soon as we can.  Thanks for taking a look around the Old Timers Closet.