Where to Find Us

It's difficult to develop a relationship with a piece of vintage clothing online.  If you can't touch it and try it on, you never know if it's right for you.  Hell, you don't even know if it fits or smells like cat pee from sitting in a closet for years.  This is why we prefer to do most of our selling in person.  While we realize it limits our audience a bit, there's no substitute for picking up a piece in person and realizing it was made for you. 

That's why we've moved all of our inventory to the Fremont Vintage Mall where you can try it on live and in-person and determine if it's a fit for you.  You can also go ahead and follow us on the Instagram where we feature our newest finds daily.  If you see something you like over there, you can get in touch with us through there and we can figure out shipping and all that.    

We've got two booths chock full of vintage goodness over at the Fremont Vintage Mall so if you're in Seattle stop on by and shop our wares but will soon be opening our own shop along with a selection of other true vintage vendors at www.BarnOwlSeattle.com.  

Fremont Vintage Mall Booth #617
3419 Fremont Place N, Seattle, WA 
M-Sat:  11am-7pm
Sun:  11am-6pm 

Old Timer's Closet 2:  Eclectic Boogaloo at the Fremont Vintage Mall

Old Timer's Closet at the Fremont Vintage Mall