Join the Old Timer Army

Alright, look.  I'm gonna level with you.  I'm not a rich man and let's face it--this whole vintage clothing game isn't a strike it rich type proposition.  I love a good find, though, and so I'm always looking for help.  

Want to help me out and become part of the Old Timer Army?  Here's what I can offer you.  

  • GOT SOME STUFF?  Let me know what you've got and I can offer you a 50/50 split on all items.  I'll do the heavy lifting, doing the research on pricing, advertising, hauling it to pop-ups and markets and all you have to do is trust that I ain't gonna screw you over.  A man's got to have a code and I try to live by one that ensures I ain't gonna have as many folks at my funeral espousing my virtues and not burning me to the ground.  
  • ENJOY PICKING?  I'm just like you.  There's nothing I love more than finding something and furtively looking around and going 'why didn't anyone else grab this.'  Here's the deal I'll strike with you.  Send me what you're looking at and I'll go ahead and pay out the purchase price PLUS a 20% finders fee if it's something that I think will fit into the Old Timer's Closet.  I ain't looking to get rich here, just looking to pay it forward and reward those members of the Old Timers Army.  

Got any questions?  You can always get a hold of me at or fill out the form below and I'll do my best to answer any questions you might have.  As always, thanks!